Bazaar •{Bohemian}•

The Bazaar •{Bohemians}• soul purpose in life is to fully Cultivate her Magic, while helping other people find theirs. Born in the •{Mojave}• Desert, California her love and respect for creative expression has been essential to her blossoming spirit. After moving to the Bay Area and growing up in such diverse surroundings, it allowed her to have a unique perspective on life and the power of being •{Open}•.
Open to other beliefs • Open to other cultures • Open to limitless ideas
Constantly inspired to share Positive Imagery, along with Positive Energy, she uses her social media platforms as a source of creative nourishment. Through her global community, and global travel she’s been able to offer distinct visuals that tell stories through diverse narratives. Actively combating the negative, and misrepresented stereotypes being portrayed in the black and brown communities one post at a time.